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Iron Man (or: First time in months. I'm not dead.) [02 May 2008|07:21am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Go fucking see Iron Man.

It may be the coolest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN, and this one time I saw a guy eat a snake, so it's safe to say that the competition is pretty stiff.

I'm alive.

My life is in a bit of a shambles, but nobody freak out.

I'll be back when I get my head straight.

Hopefully, it'll be sooner than later. But I need to work on getting my fucking head straight.

>>>>iron monger

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Fat Tuesday (or: this most important day.) [05 Feb 2008|09:08am]
[ mood | determined ]

We're in a war we don't believe in.

We're afraid to get hurt or, even worse, sick.

Women's rights are on tthe backslide.

Civil rights are even in danger.

You have to vote today. You have to represent yourself as an intelligent, competant, and important citizen of the United States of America.

Apathy has us where we are, and now it's time to fucking DO something about it.

If you don't stand for something, you'll probably fall for anything.

>>>>Obama in '08!
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New Year (or: Twenty-nine deep.) [29 Jan 2008|07:01am]
[ mood | drained ]

...I'm still here.

This is the year of change. And I'm still here.


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Kanye (or: "...I've heard nicer language out of double amputee Croatian war vets!") [24 Jul 2007|05:47am]
[ mood | thrilled ]

Kanye West: Good.

Daft Punk: Great.

This song: quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever heard.

>>>>Kanye is the coolest motherfucker ever.

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The Ultimate Spoiler! (or: take that, Harry Potter nerds!) [20 Jul 2007|07:48pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Aha. Ha.


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The twentieth of July (or: nothin' sassy to say today.) [20 Jul 2007|07:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So, I'm twenty-three years old now.

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Two days (or: I'm old now. I don't give a damn.) [18 Jul 2007|06:10am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

My Ipod (the whole Apple corporation, in fact) and I are fighting right now.

Birthday shindig tomorrow. A couple of days early, but still.

Lots of shit to say, but not much to say. Seeya later.

>>>>birthday gal

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Icky Thump (or: TUESDAY! TUUUUUUUUUUESDAY!) [17 Jun 2007|06:11am]
[ mood | Thrilled!!!!! ]

Meg's hair is red.

Jack's clothes are red.

The flowers are red.

The zebra is red.

"Colassal" is fucking incredible.

Sweet Jesus, I think I just blew my load.

>>>>super fan

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Vagina (or: not a clowncar...) [01 Jun 2007|07:20am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Yay for reproductive freedom.

If you've seen the movie "Idiocracy," this makes you want to weep fiberglass tears.

I have a very pronounced stance against huge families; I'm not apologizing, and I'm not stepping down.

But this shit, this shit here, makes me wish for a fascist fucking society.

Of course, now I'M the asshole. After all, every uneducated, unemployed lowlife that wants to have a litter of babies should be able to. After all, God will take care of it.

...and by God, I mean my fucking tax dollars.


>>>>life-long leftist.

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AHHHHHHHHH! (or: retrospective) [17 May 2007|08:05am]
[ mood | enraged ]


I just decided, on a whim, to look at my comments on my November 8th, 2004 post.

FOUR of the like, FIVE people who commented voted for Bush. People who are my friends. People who I know for a fact Bush wouldn't give a second fucking thought to if he saw them on the street, mainly because they were young, poor, and not white.

WHY would you guys fucking do this?!



The war we don't belong in is going worse than ever, colleges are fucked financially, gays still can't marry, gas prices are soaring, politicians are lining their pockets, KIDS WE KNOW ARE FUCKING DYING, and all that asshole can do is chuckle and talk about how we need to just throw more people at the problem.

You are directly responsible if there's a draft. I am holding you, and a select few others, DIRECTLY FUCKING RESPONSIBLE.

I'm calling you out because you literally FUCKED YOURSELVES and ALL OF US with that!

If you don't know your political views from a hole in the fucking ground, DON'T FUCKING VOTE. At least then, you'll be doing less damage than voting for a despot and a totalitarianistic government that's constantly licking its chops for oil at the expense of us, the American people. The American fucking youth.

Or even better, realize that it's not acceptable to just be a dumbass that decided to vote for what they told you to vote for. Useless, fucking useless. And your opinion means nothing to me because you had nothing to back it up with.


>>>>squeaky wheel

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Socialistic bitch (or: I totally figured.) [17 May 2007|07:52am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

You are a

Social Liberal
(80% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(21% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Socialist (21e/80s)

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

I constantly yell at anyone who voted for Bush, particularly my boyfriend's parents. After all, they voted for Reagan, too.


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Vonnegut (or: it's time to wake up.) [24 Apr 2007|06:43am]
I'm sick of everything, sick of fucking people. Sick of good kids dying for decisions made by people other than themselves.

It's all sick, it's all wrong, and it should fucking affect every single one of us.

"There are plenty of good reasons for fighting,
but no good reason ever to hate without reservation,
to imagine that God Almighty Himself hates with you, too."


Let's open our fucking eyes to everything, and stop walking around with our heads up our asses. If your biggest concern is who's getting voted off of "Survivor," your priorities are fucking fucked.

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April 8th (or: ...something about Jesus and rabbits. I dunno.) [08 Apr 2007|01:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Happy Easta, people!

Now, off to work for me, because apparently my store is the only one in the universe that's open today.


>>>>hippity hop.

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Anticipation (or: ...I am Jack's rapid heartbeat...) [26 Mar 2007|07:26am]
[ mood | terrified. ]

Today may very well be the first day of the rest of my life.

...I may actually, ACTUALLY have my life back within a matter of hours.

I won't give details until it's over.


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Leper (or: maybe just a pus-filled eye?) [06 Mar 2007|05:43am]
[ mood | dirty ]


So, I have fucking pinkeye.

I don't have kids, and I don't work with kids. There was a sewage spill at work, and I had to work ovetime whilst the hazmat crews figured shit out.

So yeah, I'm calling OSHA.

>>>>leaky eye.

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2/08/07. Remember the date. [08 Feb 2007|05:11pm]
[ mood | shocked ]


So, Anna Nicole Smith fucking died.

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Sailor's Warning (or: LOST) [06 Feb 2007|06:49am]
[ mood | thirilled! ]

Sweet merciful lord, Lost is back tomorrow with a new fucking episode.

I waited the three months, and I'm gonna eat this shit up like a goldfish eats its own crap.

>>>>eko is dead. :(

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Another shot from the first night (or: Go, Colts!! Go, Peyton!!) [04 Feb 2007|04:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Here's another shot from the first night. It pretty much sums up how the whole trip went.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'd post about the second night, or anything else, but it's the fucking super bowl and my husband Peyton Manning needs me.

>>>>football whore.

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Posting to Fark (or: Attractive and successful African-Americans) [01 Feb 2007|06:41am]
[ mood | surprised ]

So, I posted to a debate about Gay Marriage:

2007-02-01 09:37:02 AMmarfar  

Gays are the niggers. Sorry to say, but it's true.

///wouldn't have been so in the 60's.

What got posted immediately was:

2007-02-01 09:37:02 AMmarfar  

Gays are the new attractive and successful African-Americans. Sorry to say, but it's true.

///wouldn't have been so in the 60's.

Intriguing, and quite shocking.

But I AM attractive and successful.

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Wha...?? (or: "If you're a fag, He hates you too.") [29 Jan 2007|04:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I have no fucking idea if this is real or not.

Evening Service. God Hates Fags!

The site treats this like it's real. I have no fucking idea what's going on here.

So yeah. There's that. o.o;;

>>>>color me confused.

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